The NEW Mann Meat

This is the NEW Mann Meat and features TWO NEW SCENES added to the classic original scene with Janet Mason. If you purchased the first version you get a special price.

You will LOVE this DVD. Guaranteed! As you know I had previously fucked Richard Mann. His legitimate 11" Black Monster Cock has used ALL my holes repeatedly. He is one of the very, very few guys to make me take a break. I kept bragging to my Sexy Girlfriend Janet Mason about Richard's Cocksmanship. I'm sure she used her vibrator many times thinking about his huge dick. Finally, I was able to get all three of us in the same room. This DVD is the result. A true collector’s item.

And now the story......Janet and I were very excited as Ty went to pick Richard up. We had butterflies in our stomachs and of course we were both soaking wet! When we heard the door open after then arrived we both jumped up and ran over anxious to get things started. Since Janet had been waiting a long time to get his Massive Dick, we went right to it. Richard unveiled his schlong as I helped "present" it to Janet. 

The look on Janet's face was priceless. We both stroked his thick, long massive meat. "Mann Meat" it definitely was! Richard then sat down and had two hot women, one blonde and one red head, take turns sucking, licking and stroking his black bone. It wasn't long before we both were wanting to feel his cock inside us. Since Richard fucked me for over five hours alone last time, I thought it would be kind of me to allow Janet "First Fuck". I actually wanted to see if my petite friend could handle such a huge cock. 

Ty, Steve and I watched as she played the role of sexual magician and 11 inch dick disappeared. Not wanting to be left out I could only wait so long before Richard had to poke me as well. Depending on the size of the cock, and believe me I know about cock size, I make different sounds. When Richard started ripping my pink pussy with his cock you can literally hear how I feel about it.

During the course of the next hour Janet and I rotated, combined, tag-teamed and collaborated to show this Sex Stud what "Real" women can do. And believe me, we did just that. Make no mistake, there is "Pro Porn", which is fake and there is "Real Sex", which this is 100%. There is no posing or faking. This is 100% dirty, nasty, sweaty sex.

I do have to speak to Janet about hogging the huge cock. I know she just met Richard, but seems I had to push her off anytime I wanted some dick. Just kidding, I was more than happy to share.

I especially enjoyed getting Janet off doing one of her favorites. As she rode on top of Richard's dick, I took the opportunity to tongue fuck her ass. It was the least I could do!

Also, you guys will enjoy the "Picka Pussy" segment. Janet and I ended up on top of each other. Me on my back and Janet on top of me. Richard came up behind us and alternated slamming his dick in Janet's snatch and then mine. How many of you would like to have been in that position?

After reaming our holes to our hearts delight, Richard wanted to reward us for taking him ball deep all day. So Janet and I laid down on the bed to await our creamy treat. Both of us LOVE cum and nothing beats a HUGE load of sperm to share. Wait till you see two different angles of us getting fed his spudge, then kissing and sharing the huge gobs of goo between us. Sexy, hot and very nasty!

If anything could top that off, run get more tissues and watch the super slow motion replay of both angles of the cum shot, cum eating and cum swapping. You will definitely need a shower after this one!

The second scene is a real treat. You get a new scene of me heading over to Richard's hotel room on a bootie call to suck his dick and eat his cum. He had come into town and was extra horny (when isn't he?) and called me over to feed me his dick. Of course I was over in a flash and got busy doing what I love to do, suck his Mann Meat until he cums his creamy load, which I eat every single drop of.

The last scene is new and features me with one of the hottest black chick on the planet, Sinnamon Love. She is an Ebony superstar and member of the Hall of Fame. She' also an experienced Domme. I decided it would be an excellent time to "switch" and let Sinnamon top me. She puts me through the paces with some of her toys as we're both dressed in latex gear. I have to admit she was excellent at her craft.

After abusing me, she brought in Richard to fuck me. Both she and Richard were pounding me with toys and his huge monster cock. Sinnamon joined in the cock sucking and you get to see her sexy face with Richard's big prick fucking it. It was so exciting to be fucked and used by a black couple and I can't wait to do it again.

The culmination is a cum shot that Richard shoots in my mouth. As some of his sperm sneaks out Sinnamon scoops it up with her fingers and feeds back to me. She and I share a cum kiss as well. I promise you that you will not make it through he scene without jerking off. 

The movie is 2 hours of Monster Cock sucking and fucking. No scripts, just REAL hardcore swinging sex!

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