Butt Fucking The Big One - Volume Two

By popular demand I found the reclusive BIG one again and had him plow my ass!

I fucked The BIG one earlier in one of my most popular swinger DVD's. That was my very first black cock. I only had him fuck my asshole and never gave him my pussy. For years I wondered what he'd feel like in both of my holes. I finally got him to come fuck me again and this is BFBO2.

He was as anxious to get my pussy as I was to get his dick. So after a few minutes he started ramming his fat 12 inch dick balls deep in my pink slit. I fucked him just as hard back. There are no games and not fake shit when I fuck. The BIG one is just my style. He treats me like a whore and I love it!

It wasn't long before he wanted to slam my butthole again. He spanked my ass pink and stuck the head of that monster at the entrance to my ass. He slid it in deep and hard. I took every fucking inch he gave me. We fucked for over an hour and my holes were red and raw.

At the end my husband also fucked my used holes as he likes sloppy seconds and to feel my stretched out pussy and ass.

I took creampies and ate a massive load of black man sperm.

This is a great second meeting with the BIG one and I hope he will fuck me again soon!

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