Alexis Golden's Continuing
Series about an Anal Sex Addict

"Fuck it Like a Pussy"

Description: You loved the Original FLP. Now the continuing Anal Series from an Anal Sex Addict busts her ass open with a Two Disc Set!

On the heels on the tremendous success of FLP (“Fuck it Like a Pussy”) comes the long awaited sequel, FLP2. There was so much Anal Sex footage Alexis had to create a 2 Disc Set, featuring over 3 hours of raw and hard Anal featuring a real life MILF swinger who is truly an Anal Sex Addict.

Disc 1 features Alexis in all out Cougar mode taking on young, hot 11” black stud Flash Brown. He is new to porn world and Alexis breaks him in with a sweaty cowgirl ride. She overwhelms him and takes his huge prick to the balls with ease. As is her specialty Alexis has him dump his nuts in her ass for a messy Anal Creampie.

Next up is a real swinging adventure in a fuck house where Alexis went to get banged by the Miami Mandingo. He too is not match for her famous brown hole and just like so many others loses his cum in her hot deep ass.

Rounding out Disc 1 is new Massive Cocksman Dredd. His dick is the thickest, fattest and longest cock you have seen. Even Alexis has to have him start out slow, but it isn’t long before she’s shouting to him to “Fuck it Like a Pussy”. She takes every inch of his huge black dick. Special shots include Dredd holding open her gaping, well fucked asshole after withdrawing his arm sized pole and Alexis tossing his Salad and licking his butt as she stroked his prick. This is an athletic fuck and Dredd dumps his cream deep inside her poop shoot.

If you can still breathe after Disc 1 then proceed with caution to Disc 2.

The first scene is the documentation of an “Alexis Anal Evening” at her home where she does a Web Cam show dedicated to sticking things in her ass. Toys and Cocks, anything handy. Of course it ends with a cock dumping it’s cum inside and her holding open her used hole to show off what was left.

“Off Set Ass Fuck” features a random dude in a hotel plugging her back door. She had left the set of a shoot to have drinks with friends. Ty was sitting in the next room when her heard the all too familiar words “Fuck my Ass”. Seems she did not get enough during her porn shoot that day and Alexis was getting hammered in her ass. Ty picked up the cam and you get to “spy” on her ass fucking for fun.

“One more for Ty” features Alexis’ husband getting his share of her used butthole and sloppy seconds after it was used by one of her Monster Cock lovers.

“Painted Cocoa” is when John E. Depth stops by to paint her apartment but they end up getting in an argument and have some angry anal sex. She fucks him and his hooked black cock balls deep and yes, he shoot in her ass and then Alexis holds her butt cheeks open to show you his creamy load of sperm.

Finally you will truly get off on “Alexis Favorite Ass Fucks” where a huge variety of real life Anal swinging adventures are shown. It is a buffet of big fat cocks balls deep in her never satisfied brown hole!

Please check with your physician prior to viewing these DVD’s. Your heart may not be able to take it.

This is a TWO Disc set with over 3 hours of footage. The price for both DVD’s is only $29.95. If you have not purchased FLP1 yet you can get the Anal Sex Combo and both FLP1 and FLP2 for only $39.95. That saves you over $15.00.

FLP2 can not be included in a Bunch Special or Pair Special. Only the Anal Sex Combo.

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